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A comforting and caring place of refuge, where through hospitality, training, and counseling, God's global workers and their families can journey together with Jesus to find rest and renewal.

Our Approach & Impact

Come Rest and Reflect with Us

Join Us in Making a Difference

Side by side in community

Think of a time when you felt like you needed to take a break, when you felt stressed out, worn, or overwhelmed. 


You felt yourself reaching your limit and knew you needed help. Was there anyone you could turn to? Would it have made a difference if you had additional support and encouragement?  


Most people have some support available in the form of family, friends, church, etc., that they can lean on during times of difficulty. Unfortunately, many Christian workers, (missionaries, pastors, leaders) are often isolated or separated from their usual supports. They might not know how to get help, or where it is safe to be honest about their experiences. Often there are concerns about what their church, organization, or supporters might think if they don't seem to "have it all together".


Daily life is complicated on it’s own; however, in a foreign language or culture, little things can become even more challenging.


In time, the unmet needs of workers can lead to burnout and feeling like their only option is to leave their ministry. Imagine what happens in the Kingdom when a Christian worker feels unable to continue and leaves? Who replaces them? What impact does their absence have on the church or community they were serving in? What happens to those they were going to share the Gospel with or disciple? 


Think of the impact that can be made in God’s Kingdom if Christian workers and their families could easily access whatever support, care and resources they needed. 


What if they had a safe place to come to set aside their ministry roles to experience rest and renewal? What if they had a team of people walking alongside them both in person and online, navigating life and ministry together in community?

Lado a Lado (meaning “Side by Side” in Portuguese) is here to be a part of that community.

Our Purpose

In Matthew 9:37 Jesus says: “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Lado a Lado exists to maximize the resilience, effectiveness, and longevity of Christian workers, bringing the transformative power of the Gospel into the world. 

Group Hug
Counseling Group

Our Mission

Lado a Lado’s mission is to walk alongside Christian workers with authenticity and compassion, providing a safe space with opportunities for rest, growth, care in community, and reconnection with God.

Our Vision

Lado a Lado’s vision is healthy, vibrant, well equipped workers who are thriving in life and ministry. Confident they are known, loved, and cared for by God and others, these workers are able to effectively bring hope and light into all the world. 

Christian Booklet
Kingdom Impact
"I am incredibly grateful to the Lado a Lado team. I came to them midway through a season of transition, hungry for understanding. I was unsteady, maybe a bit lost. The conversations we shared over God's word, around the table, in a session, and on walks gave me the beginnings of clarity. I left feeling heard by a caring friend and equipped with words that had been lost to me. Where I felt stuck before, I felt ready to take a step. Where I felt hurt, I felt covered in grace."
Longterm missionary, in transition 

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. ​

Matthew 11:28

Join Us

Help make a difference in the lives of Christian workers and the people they serve

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