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Lado a Lado cares for Christian workers and their families. They have the same daily issues we all face like work stress or relationship problems. Some may also experience additional challenges like depression, burnout, or addiction. Cross-cultural workers in particular can struggle with adapting, learning a new language, and feelings of separation and loss, while pastors and leaders can feel especially isolated because of their position. Unfortunately, Christian workers don’t always have access to the resources needed to address these concerns. Unable to get help, they may become discouraged, indifferent, detached, or less effective in their work. When the problems persist, many leave the ministry, engage in self harm, or even attempt suicide. We believe that some of this can be prevented.

Through hospitality, training, and a variety of direct care services, we offer support to Christian workers throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Our location allows guests to come receive care without having to return to their sending countries. During their stay, space for rest and reflection is provided, giving time to study God’s word and pray together, sharing meals and listening to each other's stories. Singles, couples, and families from various denominations and organizations are welcome.

One of the crucial parts of this ministry is providing a safe place where guests can be themselves. Where they can leave the work aside and truly rest. Where they can be authentic and real, and not be concerned about judgment or gossip. Where guests can gather around a table of good food and freely share their lives, the joyful and the difficult. Where evenings around the fireplace can lead to prayer, singing songs of worship, story telling, laughter, and playing games. Our main focus is to listen and to be with them. To walk alongside them as they seek healing, renewal and hope.


​As workers return to their ministry, we continue to walk alongside them offering online check-ins, mentoring, coaching, and counseling if needed. 

We believe that Christian workers play a vital role in spreading the gospel and we are committed to changing the world by supporting them in their work.

What We Offer

We are committed to supporting Christian workers in their personal lives as well as their mission. We provide a range of care and resources to encourage and equip them, such as debriefing, mentoring, counseling, hospitality, and retreats. ​Click to learn more!

Who we Are

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, but all share a passion for walking alongside  Christian workers and their families.  Our team includes a wealth of professional and ministerial training and experience uniquely suited to our ministry. 


Amrei Wehmeyer

Hospitality, Debriefing, Counseling

Amrei is passionate about hospitality and sharing her life with our guests. She loves listening to other people's stories, playing board or card games and doing outdoor activities. A masters degree in Psychology of Counseling, and a variety of training in pastoral and biblical counseling as well as member care equip her to come alongside global workers as they are journeying through various phases in life and ministry. Looking back over more than 30 years in cross-cultural ministry as a Single Woman, she is empathetic with singles, couples and families from different cultural backgrounds and loves to encourage them through devotionals, spiritual exercises and prayer.

Josh Hobson

Hospitality, Debriefing, Administration

The table is such a rich symbol in the Bible where people gather, meet Jesus, and share their lives along with a meal. Cooking simple, delicious food, gathering around the table, and having great conversations is Josh’s passion.


Josh Hobson has been working as a chef for over 20 years, with the last 15 years as a culinary instructor at a cooking school. His passion for learning all sorts of different cuisines and dishes allow him to prepare a variety of food for our guests. Josh also has extensive experience in working with dietary needs and restrictions.


Working for over 18 years in church plants, Josh also has experience leading groups and helping men with accountability. He is gifted in listening and debriefing.


Risa Hobson

Debriefing, Counseling, Administration

Risa is a licensed professional counselor with over two decades of experience in church ministries, education, and counseling. She obtained her MA in Counseling from Western Seminary, and a BA in cross-cultural studies from Calvin University.  She has specialized training in utilizing the Seeking Safety trauma recovery model, which includes support groups specifically developed for ministry workers. 


Risa grew up as a third culture kid, and is super passionate both personally and professionally about helping workers and their families thrive in cross-cultural settings. Some of her favorite things about her work with Lado a Lado are hearing people's stories, sharing adventures to her favorite castles, and laughter filled game nights with new and old friends.

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